📌 Order

  1. Make sure you have decent concept art or a reference sheet for your character. The more the better.
  2. Estimate cost on price list and features wanted, use contact form to get in touch.
  3. Get quote reply from maker. Please wait up to a week for a response.
  4. Pay 30% (non-refundable deposit) do not send any money without confirmation!
  5. Get payment confirmation.
  6. Allow 2-3 weeks to get fur and materials ready for your project from suppliers.
  7. You will create a Duct Tape Dummy (DTD) and mail it to the maker.
  8. Get confirmation from maker after inspection of your DTD “I ready to start work on your project”
  9. Pay remainder of the payment (70%) no work will be started before full amount is paid.
  10. Will post on Twitter or e-mail you pictures on some work stages completed.
  11. Shipping discussion and shipping cost payment negotiation.
  12. Get tracking number from maker after your creation has been mailed to you.
  13. Meet your fursona in person and Get Fluffy!

The most important thing is to have a proper fully detailed artwork/reference sheet of your
character / fursona. Partial suits require reference sheets as well.

  • 3 views on the body/head
  • 2 views on tail
  • Extra view/views for special details

I can build a suit based on your description, artwork (no porno, i have kids around), real animal photos if your suit doesn’t have any special markings and tattoos. In this case you leave a lot of choices up to me and have to be ready to deal with it.

Markings can be changed in size and form (for a purpose of best feet of location or better result) with a saving of main concept (will be discussed).

Please check out this tutorial for how to properly create your own duct tape dummy. This one is nicely provided by Mischief Makers.

Materials and Tools Needed

  1. scissors
  2. duct tape (best 2 colors, it let to make even layers)
  3. paint suit/any not needed clothing – it should be not stretchy
  4. some company (beer only after to avoid an injuries )
  5. paper towels (if need extra cover)
  6. Pattern how to put first tape lines (pictures)
  7. First layer color 1
  8. second layer color 2
  9. third layer color 1
  10. Tape neck line, arm and legs line as close as possible
  11. Draw lines (picture)
  12. Mark zippers, pockets, tail
  13. Cut yourself out
  14. Put your name and character name on DTD
  15. Fold it tidy (no stretching please)
  16. Ship it