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How to make a Duct Tape Dummy (DTD)

Materials and tools required:

  • Scissors - Safety scissors found in a first-aid kit are perfect!
  • Duct tape - Optimally, 2 colors make it easier to ensure you layer properly. You will need 150-200 yards
  • Painter's overalls - or any light, non-stretchy material clothing. This will be cut up, as part of the dummy. Remove waistband first.
  • Helpers - you will want several helpers, the faster this gets done, the better.
  • Paper towels - use these for cuffs, wrists and anywhere the painters overalls don't cover.
  • 2 ski poles or hockey sticks, something to rest your hands on while the dummy is being made.


1. Shower and change into your painters overalls. These can be found at home home improvement/ hardware stores. They will generally cost between $10-$15. These are light, cool, and easy to cut away afterwards. They also do not stretch. If you cannot find any painter's overalls, a pair of cheap pajamas will also do the trick. Cut the waistband away before you start, use a duct tape belt to hold them up. This will make the cutting afterward a lot easier. You will want to wear old (clean), unimportant underwear, since they might get cut when cutting away the dummy.

2. Stand straight up, feet shoulder width apart, and arms straight out to your sides. if you have ski poles, hockey sticks, or something to rest your arms on, do it. They will get tired and sore.

3a. The first strips of tape will be very important. Men will want to run a long piece of tape over the shoulders, under the crotch, and back up over the shoulder (one on each side.) This strip should be quite snug, almost uncomfortably so. If this is not tight you will end up with an unintentional drop-crotch suit which is more dificult to walk in and causes extra strain on the seams in this area.

3b. Women should wear whatever bra they expect to wear when in suit. Her first strips should be around the torso, below the breasts, vertical strips should go centered, beginning at this top strip, pulling snugly up at the crotch, then up the center of her back. The next strips should be over your shoulders, up into the armpits, and back. Again, these should be snug, but still allow circulation to your arms.

4. Start to apply tape in strips around 12" (30cm) long, in alternating directions. having at least 2 colors of tape helps to ensure you have multiple layers in all places. You will need at least 3 layers in all places. Start with your body before moving on to arms and legs, you will only need to do one full arm and leg, the other can be stopped in a t-shirt or Boxer style. For the cuffs, collar and anywhere there is exposed skin, use paper towel under the tape - you don't want it to stick to you!

5. Once you are finished applying tape, use a sharpie permanent marker to mark where your knee, elbow, and shoulder are. Mark when your tailbone is, and where you would want any pockets and zippers to be placed. Write both your name and fusona name on the back.

6. Before you begin cutting, mark lines across where the cuts will be, so that the seams can be lined up to be reconnected. begin cutting up the outside of the leg, from ankle to hip. Mark lines from the collar (either side of the jaw) to the side under the armpit at the bottom of the rib cage, then cut these also. climb out, fold the dummy carefully. You don't want to have it stick together, stretch, or fold in such a way as to damage or distort it.

7. You will want to shower again at this point.

When making a duct tape dummy, some very important things to keep in mind:

  • Have lots of tape on hand! If you think you have enough, double it. You don't want to run out before you are done. You will probably want to have at least 150-200 meters/yards.
  • Don't cheap out! Dollar store tape is cheap for a reason - it will stretch, break down quickly, stop sticking, and/or just fall apart.
  • Use short strips of tape. too long will make your body squeeze in weird ways.
  • Layer the strips in different directions. If they all align, it makes it more likely to fall apart. Minimize the number of ends you see, you will want at least 3 layers of tape in all places.
  • Helpers: You will want to finish this quite quickly, so you will need several people helping. Generally, 2-3 people tearing tape for each person applying it is a good number.
  • Blood circulation is reduced significantly as the dummy is made. If you start getting tingly or numb, work faster! :D
  • Try different colours of duct tape for the second layer, if you want. It makes it easier to ensure you have enough layers.